FastAero 0751f (Latest)

FastAero is back again, this time looking better then ever! While not the the first author, this author (All that the public know is the first author simply disappeared) Barteknowacki has been doing a great job! It has come quite a far way and now has smaller buttons, a completly revised control panel and much more! Rather then me explaining all of this, download a build and see for yourself.

Installations Instructions

1. Download the file to your Desktop
2. If the file does not open then change the name so it has an .exe at the end instead of .msi or .21.
3. Install & Rebot
4. Run and enjoy FastAero!

Please note: By default the blur will be off. Going to Start/All Programs/FastAero F/Configure FastAero then selecting blur will solve this issue. You can also pick different skins and enhaced styles from in here.

Offcial FastAero F Links

FastAero F is the latest and greatest version of FastAero to date. While it is having quite a few Vista issues (For me at least) it is still the best valued program to get glass blur in XP. No longer do you have to worry about getting a copy of WindowBlinds and messing with cirtical system files as FastAero F will draw your glass blurred border and run fast.

Sreen Shoots (Simply amazing):

FastAero F Mirrors

Badongo is not the fastest as I have added a few mirrors. More will be added over time.

SendSpace #1:
SendSpace #2:

RapidShare #1:…1f_eng.exe.html
RapidShare #2:…1f_eng.exe.html

JCXP #1:…st&id=15684
JCXP #2:…st&id=15685

Badongo #1:
Badongo #2:

FastAero E

For Vista Users, like me, FastAero F is not working with our systems. I do hope the new build will fix this however as of now we are stuck with FastAero E. Nonetheless, I have made a skin pack that should work with FastAero E that was all of the F skins. It can be downloaded here at



All of the mirrors below have the same file and do require the updater if you wish to get the updated files.

RapidShare Mirror:…e_Setup_ENG.exe

SendSpace Mirror:

JCXP Mirror:…st&id=15538 In order to use this mirror you must be logged in.

Mirror Hosted by Ctran:…

Screen Shoot of FastAero E:

Reduced: 55% of original size [ 920 x 712 ] – Click to view full image

FastAero 0751 and Below

If blur does not work on the builds above then try 0751 or 0700 below.


Mirror Hosted by Ctran:…

FastAero was made by FastAero then later edited by barteknowacki.


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