Connect to Internet via Phone Bluetooth

The main idea is simple, the pc’s internet connection is shared thru Bloetooth to our phone!!

this will work on most S60 phone I guess 😉

Step 1:

Creating an access point on your phone

menu -> Settings -> Connections -> access point -> options -> new access point -> use default settings

these are setting you need there:

  • Connection Name : Anything (Suggestion ADSL or Bluetooth)
  • Data Bearer : GPRS
  • Access Point Name : The name you gave to your bluetooth connection when pairing up with the computer
  • Username : None
  • Authentication : Normal
  • Gateway IP Address :

Done Here

Step 2:

then go to:

menu -> tool -> settings -> connection, and select GPRS

Set the GPRS connection to “when available”, and the access point to “none”.

The setting on your phone are done!

now the next step:

Create a serial port connection from your pc to phone and this serial connection must be on every time you want to use your pc internet connection same as a gprs connection for your phone.

no need to do this if you have PC Suite installed

If it is.. then just keep everything ready and open your PC Suite, you will see the router icon connecting once it gets connected (logo changes)

That mean you’re redy to use the net, you can close the pc suite window but make sure the mRouter is still running and connected.

IF U HAVE ADSL it would be great…



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